Fires Post #3 July 2017 – Aging in place

It rained tonight. First time. The ground the trees, the people the animals are – every living thing grateful. The fires continue the rain is overdue and it’s not possible to think this summer will be an exception to get through. That this isn’t the new normal is denial.

And this has been unbearable. I think of what it meant growing up in CA of the relationship children had to weather-and to beauty and to the natural world we played in. It was itself a friend.

An amusing always creative and supportive friend. A friend who knew us and we them. Now this friend is robbed of their sanity and their confidence it makes sense they act out.fuck Destabilizing nature destabilizes animal plant Eco system undermines the whole of the planet. I’m ashamed of my species and embarrassed I didn’t take it seriously three decades ago. Not like science didn’t worn us

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